What is Assessment?

Assessment is the ongoing collection of evidence for use in making judgements about a student's demonstration of what they know and can do with what they know, in terms of identified learning outcomes. The techniques used by teachers to gather this evidence come from the categories of observation, consultation, focused analysis and peer & self-assessment. Assessment provides feedback on the student's progress to the teacher, student, and the parents/carers. It is an integral part of the teaching and learning process. Examples of a child's assessment will be found in their portfolio, which will be sent home with the student at the end of the year. 


What is a Portfolio?

A portfolio is a collection of a student's work, gathered by the teacher and the child. The portfolio documents and provides evidence of how the student's work evolved and was refined. The work highlights what has been learnt at school and what the student has accomplished. Portfolios are used by the teacher and the student to inform and set goals for future teaching and learning.