Sport at St Mary MacKillop

St. Mary MacKillop is dedicated to offering a diverse array of sporting opportunities for our students. While we take great pride in supporting and celebrating those who attain higher representative honours, our primary focus is to provide inclusive sports experiences for all students. Our goal is to create safe and supportive environments where every student can participate, fostering game awareness, enhancing skill levels while building confidence within each individual.​

School Based Carnivals.

St. Mary MacKillop takes pride in hosting vibrant carnivals for athletics, cross country, and swimming. Athletics and cross country draw enthusiastic participation from all year levels, while swimming is exclusively for our 9-12 years students. These events are not only packed with fun but also extend a warm invitation to parents to join in the excitement. While trophies, ribbons, and age champion medals add a competitive edge, our emphasis on participation shines through as every individual contributes valuable points towards the success of their House colour teams. It's not just about winning; it's about fostering a sense of camaraderie and shared achievement.​

Year 5 & 6 Carnival Days   

Our Year 5 and 6 students actively participate in interschool gala days, joining forces with 10 other Bayside state and Catholic primary schools for two exciting events each year. These gala days feature spirited competitions in touch football, netball, or soccer. Students get to choose their preferred sport and are then organised into teams for the day's showdown. Our objective remains consistent—to offer students a chance to engage in competitive team sports within a nurturing environment. Rule modifications and dedicated coaching sessions are integral aspects, ensuring a well-prepared and supportive experience for all participants, both before and during the event.​

District Sports Association

St. Mary MacKillop proudly aligns itself with the Bayside District and Metropolitan (Met) East School Sport Associations. During the year, only students who turn 10 or older are eligible for selection in the district team, earning the chance to compete at the prestigious Bayside District Carnivals in Swimming, Cross Country, or Athletics. Success at this level opens the door to the Met East Carnival, and from there, the journey may continue to the State Championships and even the National Titles.

Beyond the core carnivals, our students have the exciting prospect of making district representative teams across a variety of sports. The district sets a high standard, requiring only representative-level players to attend the Bayside District trial, capping schools at a maximum of 3 students per school. This stringent selection process reflects the elite nature of these teams, offering a pathway for our students to compete at the highest levels. Over the years, we've celebrated the achievements of several students who have proudly represented both the state and the nation—an accomplishment that fills us with immense pride.

Bayside Catholic Schools Sports Association

In our commitment to building strong connections within the Catholic School community, St. Mary MacKillop actively participates as a member of the Bayside Catholic Sports Association. This collaborative effort brings together seven Catholic schools from the Bayside and Wynnum areas, fostering camaraderie through shared sporting experiences. Currently, our engagement extends to swimming, cross country, and athletics carnivals.

While these events carry a competitive spirit, our emphasis remains steadfast on promoting widespread participation. Teams often boast numbers exceeding 70 students, reflecting the inclusive nature of these gatherings. The swimming and athletics carnivals cater to students aged 9-12 years, while the cross country carnival goes the extra mile by including an 8 years division.

Before and After School Programs

Throughout the academic year, St. Mary MacKillop opens the doors to a variety of sports programs, providing students with exciting opportunities on our oval and courts. These programs, spanning approximately 6 weeks, kick off immediately after school concludes. Each term introduces a selection of one or two sports, allowing students to delve into experiences like AFL, NRL, Rugby, Cricket, Soccer, Netball, and Basketball. Tennis coaching and Sports Aerobics also have sessions available both before and after school. All these programs, available to all students for a small fee to the associations involved, have proven to be immensely popular, offering our students a chance to explore diverse sporting interests beyond the regular curriculum.​