Resource Centre

​Opening Hours

The School library is open from 8.30am to 3.00pm every school day. It is open at lunchtime from 10.40– 11.05am, Monday to Friday, but does not open during our snack break.

library.jpgThe St Mary MacKillop Resource Centre provides a welcoming supportive environment in which students are motivated in their learning, and teacher practice is enriched and resourced. It is a common and shared centre of learning for the whole school community, and a centre of motivation and creativity for students and their learning.​

The resource centre is central to the teaching and learning program of the school, and reflects the educational, professional and personal information needs of the community. The facilities, services and staff of the resource centre are committed to establishing a learning environment that fosters a spirit of inquiry and the skills to locate and use information appropriately, while also encouraging a lifelong appreciation of literature and reading. The facilities, services and staff are equally committed to providing or locating appropriate resources and support to teaching, administration staff and school officers and to other members of the school community.

Our resource centre and staff values:

  • Information literacy as fundamental skills and strategies that should be embedded in the curriculum and fostered in all students through meaningful activities,
  • The enjoyment of literature and reading for leisure,
  • The development of technology skills that support the student's learning,
  • The library as a relaxing space, a place of enjoyment and achievement, a haven from the playground, and a safe environment.

Our Library Staff

Rebecca Canfield - Teacher-Librarian

Mary-Ann Bates - Library Aide

Anita Langenberg - Library Aide

Keith Watson - Network Manager​

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