20180228-1313.jpgStudents at St Mary MacKillop Catholic Primary School at Birkdale have begun the new school year full of enthusiasm and a love for ‘their’ school. The teachers, support staff and volunteers at MMK are our greatest resource and they work tirelessly to inspire high expectations for learning that maximizes engagement, progress and achievement for each and every student. In all of this, we remain ever mindful that the most important factor for successful schooling is the relationship between each student and their teachers.
Opened in 1997, MMK is located on a generous campus that supports indoor/outdoor mobile learning. This is further supported by the significant provision of technology across the school where devices are used in the context of multiple and flexible learning tools and spaces. We are indeed fortunate to have a great contemporary Australian as our patron. St Mary MacKillop lived from 1842-1909 and achieved one of the most significant contributions to education in Australian history by establishing a large network of schools that reached out to those in need and welcomed people from diverse backgrounds. The story of Mary MacKillop becomes well known to the students during their years at MMK and her example aids them to grow in character as decent, confident and resilient young people. 

Each year we adopt one of four values that are drawn from the Mary MacKillop story. These values then serve to integrate the religious and pastoral aspects of the school under a particular focus. We do so because we know that embedding values in education promotes higher levels of engagement, school spirit, responsibility, social skills and well-being.  In 2023 our values theme is Humility.

Contemporary primary schools are fun and exciting places in which to learn and St Mary MacKillop is the place to be. Please contact us if you would like to know more.

 John Spillane

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