Year 6 Canberra / Sydney Trip

A cold, fun new experience and a very special privilege we as Year Sixes were very lucky to have. I learnt tonnes, and I am sure everyone else would agree with me. We learned a bit about Australian history at the National Capital Exhibition and the Australian War Memorial and had lots of fun at Questacon and Sportex where we slid down a sixmetre free fall slide and did lots of fun sporting simulations. It was very interesting looking at the original foreign architecture on the embassy tour. The hospitality at the AIS was great. We slept on bunk beds and enjoyed delicious meals in the dining hall. At Parliament House we watched with amazement at how everyone yelled at each other during question time. We also did a House of
Representatives role-play on drafting a new bill. This was a truly memorable experience full of new and fun activities and everyone learnt a lot.
Isabelle 6G

What an incredible experience! Canberra was amazing. But we were also lucky enough to stop off in Sydney for the St Mary MacKillop Museum and a cruise around the harbour. We heard and learned a lot about our Saint. On arrival, we stepped out of our bus and felt the freezing
blast of the chilly Canberra air and knew we had arrived. We were staying at the AIS (Australian Institute of Sport). This was our base for the week. We had lots of fun at the Sportex experience. My favourite activity there, was the skiing simulator. We went to parliament house and attended Question Time. It was quite humorous to watch the politicians argue over various matters. We also learned about how the government works. My
favourite part of Canberra was Questacon. Questacon is an amazing science centre with many interactive science displays. The group favourite was the giant slide. We also got to have a tour of the Governor General’s house. We met the Governor General too. The Australian War
Memorial was huge. Inside they had interactive zones to simulate life of those at war. We attended a ceremony in the tomb of the Unknown Soldier. It was an emotional experience. At the Australian Mint, we got minted coins and learnt about the history of our currency. We created so many memories and have learnt so much more about our country and our history. It was great to have this opportunity.
Laura - 6M

In week 7, Year 6 went to Canberra f​or a week. We  experienced many things such as Parliament House, Questacon and staying in the AIS [Australian Institute of Sport]. These were just some of the great things we did. At Parliament, we got a tour of Parliament house and sat
in on Question Time to watch the politicians. I assure you that you would be surprised to see so many of the people on TV and in the papers, arguing until all you could hear was yelling. Questacon is all about science. They have earthquake labs, a six meter high slide / giant drop and many more things that made Questacon an incredible experience. The AIS is where elite athletes stay and train for games in Australia. We had a tour and a sports experience that were both amazing. Of course there were many other great things that we did in Canberra, and
these were only some highlights. Canberra was a great experience that I will never forget.
Emilie - 6M