External School Review

I recently received a twenty-one-page report outlining the findings from our External School Review that was conducted earlier this term. I’m pleased to share, that across the nine domains evaluated, our school received very positive feedback and mostly high to outstanding ratings from the r​eview panel. To give a sense of the report, I replicate below, some general commendations contained in the report summary including: 

  • The Catholic Identity of St Mary MacKillop School is promoted through the lived expression of the St Mary MacKillop story and ethos which imbues the school community and allows children to relate to Jesus in the life and work of St Mary MacKillop.  
  • The Principal and Leadership Team promote the optimistic tone and united, committed vision for continuous improvement at St Mary MacKillop School. This is modelled through their visibility, presence and support.  
  • The high level of staff morale, relational trust and mutual respect combine to create a positive and supportive learning and work environment.  
  • The unified commitment of the staff to the vision of continuous improvement where staff work as a connected, engaged, passionate and respectful team focused on students as the centre of their endeavour.  
  • The recognition by the students of St Mary MacKillop School as a ‘great school’ where ‘everyone is welcome, and everyone belongs’.  
  • The school climate that creates a sense of welcome and belonging.  
  • The level of formal and informal parental involvement. Parents are welcome in the school community and believe ‘St Mary MacKillop School to be a safe, caring and highly effective educational environment’.  
  • The scheduled Review & Response process which has provided an opportunity for collegial and collaborative dialogue between teachers to identify learning needs, design responses and evaluate impact.  
  • The school-based adoption of the ‘Whole-Part-Whole’ strategy to ensure that the Australian Curriculum is foundational in planning, allowing the Achievement Standards and Curriculum Elaborations to be core in the provision of differentiated learning in the classroom.  
  • The strong and focused priority given to reading and writing as the central feature of the explicit Improvement Agenda.  
  • The effective partnerships that exist between classroom teachers and learning support staff which affords inclusive learning opportunities for all students.  
  • The high priority given to establishing a data-informed culture where evidence-based practice and data analysis are used as underpinning enablers of the explicit Improvement Agenda.  
  • The quality of the School’s documentation is recognised and appreciated. 
  •  The strong reputation and esteem in which the school is held in the community.
We have much to celebrate and be proud of and over the coming months our leadership team and school board will further analyse the findings with a view to making some adjustments to our school’s Strategic Plan.