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Fees and levies are set annually in consultation with the Archdiocesan Guidelines, the Parish and in relation to fee structures of Catholic Primary Schools in neighbouring suburbs. It is every family's responsibility to meet their school fee commitments and failure to do so means the school is entitled to seek reimbursement through debt collection or legal means.

Fee concessions are made for families in special circumstances and application must be made to the Principal each year. Because the school tries to meet families' differing ability to pay fees, non fee payment is not a reason to withdraw a Catholic child from the Catholic Primary school.

The fees and levies collected at St Mary MacKillop Primary School are used for the following purposes, which are essential in providing a high quality of education for your child/children.

  • Provide teaching and administrative staff.

  • Provide essential resources, materials, facilities and equipment.

  • Maintain buildings, grounds and other facilities.20180228-1062.jpg

For full details about the current school fees applicable or St Mary MacKillop School's Fee Collection and Payment policy please click ​​​here​.

To help you calculate the amount of fees payable for the year please refer to the 

2019 Fee Calculation Sheet.pdf

School fees do not include uniforms, camps, special events and the like.

Payment Methods

Direct Debit to Bank A/C or Credit Card

These are the school's preferred method of payment.

It is important that you read the Service Agreement on the reverse.

2019 Credit Card Form


​​It should be remembered that it is the family’s responsibility to ensure the direct debit amount is sufficient to cover the amount of school fees and levies owing for the year.

Your periodical payment will be deducted from your bank account/credit card on the date stipulated by you on the form.

You will still continue to receive your school fee statement every term. This is simply so that you have a record of what you have been charged for. Families may elect to pay their fees at various intervals, i.e. weekly, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly. Please note that if your direct debit/credit card authority is fortnightly you will need to ensure that the “Final Payment Date” coincides exactly with the last fortnightly payment you wish to make.

In November we will forward you a statement showing the balance of your account. If your account is in credit you will have the option of receiving a cheque or holding this amount over for the following school year.

If you have decided to make a donation to the Tax-Deductible Building Fund (via direct debit) please let us know so that a receipt may be issued for Taxation purposes.

If you have any questions about your direct debit/credit card authority, or wish to change any details, please contact the Finance Secretary on 3822 5500. Please note that the direct debit/credit card authority may be cancelled or the amount changed at any time by completing the appropriate form (see above).

Cash or Cheque

Payment may be made by cash (always pay in person), by cheque or by completing the credit card details slip at the bottom of the fee statement. Fee payments may be made weekly, fortnightly, monthly, by term or yearly in advance.


Payment may be made by BPAY - relevant details may be found on the fee statement.

Resource Levy

Across all year levels, students use a range of consumable items. Rather than parents having to make these purchases themselves, our school charges a Resource Levy, which covers all of these items. This means the savings made, as a result of bulk purchasing, are passed on to the class teachers for funding additional class equipment.

​The Resource Levy is charged in two parts, i.e. half in Term 1 and half in Term 2. Should you have any queries regarding the Resource Levy please do not hesitate to contact one of the office staff.

Parents should note that if continuous loss or destruction of resources occurs these items will not be replaced.

P&F Levies

The Mary MacKillop Parents & Friends Association also collect two levies through our fee system. The first being the P&F Federation Levy which is passed on to the Parents & Friends Queensland Association. The second is the St Mary MacKillop Community Participation Plan (CPP) levy. 

School fee statements are issued at the commencement of each term, usually by the end of the second week.